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We love to organise singles events, we love to organise great singles events. Events you feel worth joining because you have a good fun, you discover a lot about yourself and most importantly you take a step forward on your way from “single” to “loving & loved”.

I want to join

Wondering who are we?

Love life kick-starters, time savers, dating coaches, bad dates eliminators…To “click” with someone requires more than what matching scripts can offer, so we let you meet other singles in person and leave the choice in your hands!

Who we are not? 

Online dating service with tons of fake or non-active profiles. We realised that singles feel exhausted with online dating and swipes. Yes, this is why you can not find any profiles here, our members only go for real connections.

What do we promise?

To get you on a date! Actually, on many dates, in one evening, with people we believe you might find interesting and who can possibly qualify for good dates! We invite selected people to selected events to ensure a high potential of matching.

What we do not promise?

Instant results. After a speed dating event, you will go for private dates with your matches but keep in mind that looking for the right partner is a process, so take your time and explore your options!

Who are our members?

Well, you only need to  comply with two conditions – single and relationship-ready. Our current member’s age ranges from 25 to 50 years, both Malaysians and expatriates, we are opened to any orientation.

Sounds exciting, how can I attend the event?

Register and check our upcoming events, as simple as that! We will get in touch to learn more about you and to tell you the secrets of our action plan.

Get ready for your first speed dating event!

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“Someone can think that dating events are for losers but it is not true. The losers will not have the courage to come in at first place and they could hardly make for such an enjoyable and interesting evening.”

Santhi P., Malaysia

“As a foreigner living and working in Kuala Lumpur I can say it is not easy to find suitable ladies to date in bars at night. The speed dating event gave me the chance to meet interesting women opened to dating.”

John B., UK

“I loved the format and initial introduction which forces people to act rather than be behind their inhibitions. It was much better than other similar events I have attended.”

Sajjad M., India