Welcome to Datein!

We are all about DATING…purely and solely…Calling for all singles who are looking for a true date and true love. We all know what we are here for – a real date!! We will work on it together.

Who should join?  Singles, busy with work life who look forward to meeting like minded people as their potential partners, naturally.

First time? No worries, we will guide you through the process. Datin is an organized form of matchmaking that focuses on meeting a lot of people in a short period of time. Science tells us that it only takes 30 seconds to know if somebody would qualify for your partner, but we will be generous and give you a few minutes 😉 And your time will be unlimited if you find an interested partner for a real, private date!

We are proud to be focused on real dates, as we believe that to click with someone requires more than on-line matching based on your interests and expectations can offer, so we let you meet other singles in person and leave the choice in your hands!

What to add… grab the opportunity and do not miss the fun!

With love,

Melinda and Amy