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Love hides behind every corner, don’t walk in circles

  7.03.2017   Melinda   dating   No comments

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and to expect a different result. Applies to everything in our lives, including dating. Love hides behind every corner, don't walk

Love is like a fear, we feel it and we don’t have to ask what is it…

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Being in love means more than sharing the same bed, owning a dog or cat and posting selfies together. Love means feeling sick to your stomach when they come home

The power of love

  23.11.2016   Melinda   dating   No comments

Have you ever felt redeemed by someone’s love or kind words when you felt helpless and sad? Chances are you have! Love is of the most diverse feelings in the world. It can be the love of parents towards their children, siblings, friends, relatives or spouses. Sometimes we even have a loving feeling towards a complete stranger that is inexplicable.

Wondering why are you still single?

  18.11.2016   Melinda   dating   No comments

Well… you may have a good job, good family, you are friendly, you meet people every day, everyone says you are kind, bubbly, friendly, and everything seems just nice and perfect, so the BIG question is “Why are you still single?”. Here is a list of three most common reasons we see based on asking hundreds and hundreds of our members.

Why we fall for someone and not for somebody else?

  16.11.2016   Melinda   dating   No comments

What makes us fall for somebody? Is it their looks, their persona, the way they talk… ? While the adorable stories of young kids with a crush on their teachers and babysitters amuse us, the stories of old people rekindling their romantic sides, make us teary-eyed. Some are attracted to people who are similar to them and some to their exact opposites. What makes us fall for someone is one of the most complicated questions of all times and people have tried to decode this since humankind realised the concept of love exists!