How does a speed dating event look like?

True to its name, speed dating only allows a few minutes per “date” so that all participants are allowed a chance to mingle. A match card will be handed to each of the participants. On this card, participants are to score every one of their dates for future reference. This is crucial, as you might meet many individuals in one night and might not remember names of those you liked the best. Simply make certain to write down your intention to meet the other participants again after every date to keep your thoughts organized.

A few minutes isn’t much time to dive into deep conversation, it frequently will yield enough of the first impression so that you are able to make a judgment on whether or not you and a date will be compatible. However, we also have plenty other activities during the evenings to help you connect and identify the right potential dates! During the event, you will get to speak not only with the opposite gender but also with you own. We believe that older we are, less we extend our social circles in an easy and natural way, so we give you an opportunity not only to find a partner but why not also new friends?

At the end of the evening, return the match card to us so that we can tally the results over the next few hours. We look to see if there are any matches. We then contact both parties and provide the corresponding contact details. From there, we wish you all the best with your private dates which we will follow up on to see how things evolve for you!

We need to take risks in love for love to happen. Often times it means to go out of our comfort zone, that is what we do. Join us!

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