Register first and then check events with updated details of an upcoming event. We will contact you soon to get to know you and to find out which of our events is the most suitable for you to join. Our highest intention is to organise good events which will bring you results. Yes, we are speaking about dating, a highly personal and individual matter with many odds. Some participants will leave with many matches and continue with multiple private dates, some are less lucky. Such is life. However, we believe in a simple thing: “the more you move towards what you want, the higher is your chance of getting it”. That is why we are here, to get you start moving..;-) As an organiser we will do our best to ensure participants are compatible and may find each other interesting.

Because you are looking for a date, because you are looking for a partner, because maybe you just recently split with someone and you do not know where to start, because waiting for miracles to happen is not the best solution, because it is fun, because we will challenge you to put your private life in the first place, because…you have your own reasons;-)
We welcome members of any orientation, however, the organiser might not be able to ensure a sufficient number of members with the same orientation in a short period of time. In such case, the organiser will keep your membership active and once more members of the same orientation will join, and event will be organised and you will be invited.

You need to comply with two conditions only – single and relationship-ready. As simple as that. You need to be ready to go for dates and to connect with people who are also looking for a connection. Translated to normal life, we often like to compare dating to gym and job-searching. Gym for the simple fact that you know it will bring results, if you go there regularly, work out in a suitable way and for a certain period of time. Job-seeking for the fact that not every company is a perfect match for you and you are not a perfect match for every company. You get it, it is a process…;-)
If there is any suspicion of a member violating conditions of subscribing as a member (examples, but not limited to, being married, in a relationship, not seriously interested in looking for a partner, seem to have a different intentions in comparison with the goal of the organiser etc), the admin is allowed to cancel the membership without prior notice and further negotiation.

For the time being, we organize  speed dating events in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. However if you are interested in different localities, we will be glad to organize events in your near proximity. Anywhere you come from, make sure to sign up and we will do our best to make our services available in your neighborhood! Details of each particular event will be announced to invited guests.

Sure thing…however, the same procedure applies. Your friend must register and go through his/her first date with us, as you did;-) Every person is unique and who knows, maybe your friend would have a higher chance to meet their potential partner at a different event than you.

Once you get invited to the event, we will provide you all details about the payment.  However, we want to be very opened about our pricing. We charge 150 to 200 RM nett depending on the event type. The value of our events comes in connecting with other singles who joined for exactly the same reason as you and intense exposure of your personality to many others – trust us, you will discover a lot about yourself, your own known and un-known potential and date-ability. On top of that, there is a guarantee to ensure your success.

So, if you already got yourself familiar with how the events are organized, you know that during the event you shall indicate your preference to meet any (or many, which is usually the case) other participants again for a private date, which you can arrange with them if they “match” you as well. Our guarantee is that if among all participants you do not indicate anybody who you would like to meet again privately, we will invite you to the next event for free to make sure we help to kick-start your dating life!

You can select from three payment options – iPay88 (most suitable for Malaysian banks account holders, Maybank2U, CIMBclicks etc), telegraphic transfer directly to our account or PayPal. Participants who have not made payment in advance will not be accepted at our events.

As long as you are invited, unlimited… However, we wish for you to attend as little events as possible, as it means your success in matching with others and private dating!

As you can imagine, speed dating events are quite an intense experience, since you get to share many little dates with other participants in an organized way. Based on our experience, events with the highest success have a base of 16 to 22 participants. Datein also organizes events with a different concept, where the number of participants is lower or higher. During the event, you will get to speak not only with the opposite gender but also with you own. We believe that older we are, less we extend our social circles in an easy and natural way, so we give you an opportunity not only to find a partner but why not also new friends?

Speed dating events are highly dependent on the attendance of registered participants. Kindly be considerate to other participants and make sure you stick to your word and if you can not make it for any reason, let us know as soon as possible so that we still have a chance to make it a nice and smooth event for the others. Refund will be provided only if you inform us at least five days prior the event. You may also opt not to receive a refund but to use your payment for booking another upcoming event. Should you inform us anytime later, we regret to inform you that no refund or booking for upcoming events will be provided. Either way, contact us with any questions or requests via our contact form, chat or mobile.

Such case has never happened in our history. However, to keep safe we reserve ourselves the right to cancel the event. All participants will be informed by email at least 72 hours in advance. In such case, you will have the option to either use the payment towards another event or it will be credited back to your account.

If you do not inform us in a way described above (Am I allowed to cancel my event reservations?), we regret to inform you that there is no refund. Speed dating events are highly dependent on registered participants to show up. We would like to make it a nice experience for all our participants, kindly be responsible to yourself and others to keep us informed in case of any changes.  For more information on cancellation policy kindly check Terms & Conditions or contact us.

To cancel your membership, kindly send an email request to info@click-me.my. Do not forget to state your name. We will notify you with confirmation of canceling your membership.